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                                                                                Our vision is to see youth/young adults that we serve
                                                                                become self-sufficient adults, obtain safe/stable housing,
                                                                                living independently, and creating positive choices that
                                                                                will result in better futures.

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Today, in America, there are more than 14 million youth under the age of 18 who are defined as "at risk" (of not reaching a productive adulthood). They face a relentless assault of negative influences which often result in drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, poor academic performance, violence, even death.

Connecting Futures is determined to combat these stats for Union County Youth by presenting programs that will provide support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive guidance.

Connecting Futures is determined to provide mentoring programs that meet the needs of today's youth. EAch mentee's needs are accessed and are then met through internal or external programs.

The following programs are provided at Connecting Futures:


Mentoring Support

Each mentee is evaluated and then matched with a compatible mentor that's a good listener, a person who cares about the well-being of the mentee and who wants to help bring out the mentee's inner strengths. These goals are met by partnering with the mentee's parents or legal guardian, providing positive peer involvement and goal-oriented recreational activities.


Independent Living

Weekly classes that teach self-sufficiency in adulthood. These classes encompass basic interviewing training, budgeting and the building of social skills.


Dress for Success

Provides professional attire, support and career development tools to assist the mentee with obtaining and thriving in the work force.


King's Daughters

Targets female mentee, building self-worth, social skills and awareness, perspective of higher education, development of long and short term goals, while interacting with positive and successful women within the community.


More programs are being developed to further the growth of Connecting Futures while addressing the needs of Union County Youths.


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